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Sunflower Fields and Festivals Across The Tristar State

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Sunflower Fields and Festivals Across The Tristar State


It’s Sunflower Season! The astonishing, unique flora that has captured the eyes, hearts, and Instagram feeds of many, has returned at last to fields across the Tristar state!

If you are on a mission to find free, flower fun before the fall, you have come across the right blog!  We’ve done the research for you to find the best sunflower fields across the state and, in the process, even discovered a Sunflower Festival that only happens every other year.

Sunflowers typically only bloom for about 10 days, so be sure to keep an eye on the website or Facebook page for each field before planning your trip.

Picture from Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville by  Adam Ozment.

Picture from Ijams Nature Center in Knoxville by Adam Ozment.

The Grove by Batey Farms

5331 Baker Rd Murfeesboro, TN

For all of our friends in Nashville, this is the sunflower field for you! Just outside of Murfeesboro you will find The Grove at Williamson Place, a multi-purpose venue featuring 40 acres of sunflowers planted by Batey Farms. The fields are free however, only accessible on certain dates and times due to a calendar of private events using the venue. When open to the public, donations are accepted and there is a small per-stem fee to pick the flowers. All donations and proceeds support Rutherford County agriculture.


Forks of the River Wildlife Management Area

3140 McClure Ln Knoxville, TN

Quite possibly the largest sunflower field in all the south, you won’t want to miss this 70-acre display that is only planted every other year by the TWRA.  And you especially will not want to miss the 3rd Sunflower Festival being held for FREE on Saturday, July 13th.  Park in the TWRA gravel lot and arrive by 9:00am for a talk about the ecology of sunflowers followed by a guided tour.

Picture taken by  Tristar Adventures  Brand Ambassador  Kristi Parsons

Picture taken by Tristar Adventures Brand Ambassador Kristi Parsons


Ooltewah Sunflower Field at Smith-Perry Berries Farm

9626 Ooltewah Georgetown Rd, Ooltewah, TN

Smith-Perry Berries Farm just outside of Chattanooga has the winning combination. Where else can you go and leave with a bucket-full of strawberries, a phone full of awesome sunflower photos, and a mouth full of Little Debbie’s snacks?  If you are a professional photographer bringing clients, there is a $35 fee.

About 15 minutes from the Little Debbie Factory, be sure to stop on your way for some discounted treats! 9515 Apison Pike, Ooltewah, TN 37363




Crab Tree Farms

1000 E 30th St, Chattanooga, TN

If you’re looking to plant some flowers of your own, you will want to stop by CrabTree Farms. Here you can not only take photos of the lovely sunflower field, but you can also take home plants to add to your own backyard. 

Agricenter International

7777 Walnut Grove Road Memphis, TN

The sunflowers are a must visit if you are in the Memphis area. The Agricenter International occupies over 1,000 acres! Over 78,000 sunflower seeds have been planted for research and for the public to enjoy from the observation deck and Germantown Parkway. Please support the researchers by not picking these sunflowers and parking in the lot at Walnut Bend.

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